Flange Guards – An Affordable Protector For Pipelines

Are you looking for a tool to prevent spray outs? If yes, so, Flange Guards are PTFE flange guards something which you should give a try. This is because, it is specially designed to avoid the catastrophic effects of spray outs to the man and object equipped in the industry like chemical, petrochemical, and food, etc. It is recognized to be the last line of defense from the sudden blowouts. It may generally create a barrier in between the chemical and external environment and stop it from flowing out until the isolation of the pipelines, which in result gives protection to your industry. Due to its durable construction with different types of material, it can be easily installed in both plastics as well as a metal pipeline.

Each and every flange guard interpose a barrier and help to avoid the situation of spray outs, which in result protect your industry from facing a huge damage or loss. It is available for a valve or any type of pipe joints. Due to its quality material and durable fabric, these shields have the capability to convey chemical, high-temperature, fluid and steams inside the shield. These are very easy to install with 2 tie cords. These are specially manufactured to reduce the effects of leaks to the environment and personnel. It comes with transparent glass, which allowed to easily detecting the leak, which reduces the risk of operator and plant damage.

These are manufactured by three layers which are a fabric material, joint type, and pressure rating. These three layers help it to avoid the situation of spray outs and give protection to the pipelines or pipe joints. These are available for almost all types of valves and can easily fit within a few minutes. It is known for its durability, reliability, greater efficiency, easy installation, great strength, and long life expectancy. Moreover, it also comes with a PH indication patch which changes its color to give an indication of the presence of a leak inside the shield.

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